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Indian Hills - “Great Place to Live”

10/19/2020 9:52 AM | Anonymous

We often refer to Indian Hills as “a great place to live.”  Some folks may think it is just a “tired” and overused tag line.  This week I got a note from a resident defining one of the things that makes our community a great place to live. Bonny Carr wrote to me about the “little bench that Ron did”.  Historically, this bench has always been used by kids waiting for their school bus at the corner of Clubland Drive and Summit Club Drive.  It was donated by a neighbor several years ago; in January a tree fell and took out the bench. Bonny collected the pieces and began trying to figure out how to put it back together.  Ron Andrews noticed the bench was gone and asked Bonny what happened to it.  He offered to try and put it back together.  Bonny’s son loaded it up in his truck and took it over to the Andrews’ house.   Ron and his trusty assistant, Tricia, went to work on it and now you can see their handiwork back in its rightful place at the end of Summit Club Drive.   As you know, Ron is our Landscaping Director for the IHCA, and Bonny also mentioned how much Ron has done to help improve the appearance of the neighborhood. It's a wonderful example of why Indian Hills is a “Great Place to Live” and why it's important to be members of the IHCA.   As we navigate the storm of the corona pandemic, let’s continue to be mindful of the wellbeing of everyone around us. Be safe, be careful and stay healthy. Thanks for the opportunity to serve

Harold Itkin, IHCA President

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