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The Indian Hills Civic Association is an organization of the residents of Indian

Hills formed for the purpose of developing, publishing, and maintaining standards

for community appearance, safety, security, and involvement in internal and external

affairs in Indian Hills and surrounding environs.

The goal of the Indian Hills Civic Association is to foster a receptive environment for continued improvement of community quality of life standards.

To carry out the purpose and goal of the Indian Hills Civic Association, the elected officers and directors of the Association have the following responsibilities to the residents:

Board Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain appearance of community common use areas and encourage individual resident adherence to community covenants, architectural controls and standards of appearance.
  2. Develop and maintain community security and public safety programs.
  3. Encourage annual resident membership in the Association and participation in community affairs.
  4. Provide to the residents on a routine basis, information about activities of the Civic Association, the community, and surrounding environment, and to provide means of exchanging information of general interest between and among residents.
  5. Provide liaison between the community and elements of the external environment, to include local government agencies. When required, develop community position on contemporary issues and articulate the position in appropriate public forum.
  6. Consistent with organization by-laws, perform such other responsibilities as considered in the best interest of the community.

Resident Responsibilities:

To carry out the purpose and goal of the Indian Hills Civic Association the residents

have the following responsibilities to the Association:

  1. Support the Association through membership and participation in Association affairs.
  2. Be concerned and informed of issues of importance to the community Register to vote and exercise your voting privilege.
  3. Bring to the attention of the Association issues of individual and community concern and interest.

IHCA By-Laws

Call us:

(352) 727-1038, or 
Email: tkkillough(at)

P.O. Box 681283
Marietta, GA 30068

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