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It is important that we maintain the Indian Hills Subdivision as a residential community of high esteem and pleasant living. To that end the following basic standards have been established by your Civic Association.

  1. The property should be used for residential purposes only, except that the resident may conduct business activity which does not create traffic or any other nuisance and must be in compliance with Cobb County regulations concerning home based businesses. No temporary house, shack or tent should be erected on the property. The property should be used only for single family residence and should not be subdivided.
  2. No exterior change or exterior alteration to the home or construction of a detached building should be made which is not consistent with external finishes, colors, and designs typically found within Indian Hills and which does not integrate with the color, form, materials, texture, etc of the original dwelling. Inappropriate exterior colors would include, but are not limited to, the bright tones of red, blue, green, mustard, purple, lavender, etc., not normally associated with Indian Hills homes. Roof colors should blend with the house colors.
  3. Any fence should be constructed in conformity with designs and colors typically found in Indian Hills. The preferred fencing materials are stone, brick or wood consistent with the construction and style of the dwelling on the property. No chain link, cyclone, or wire fences should be installed which can be seen from the street or other lots. No fence, wall, tree, or shrub should obstruct the sight lines at roadway intersections.
  4. The grounds of a property (whether vacant or occupied) should be maintained in an attractive condition, which includes but is not limited to, the following: lawns mowed, shrubs trimmed, weeds pulled and trash/debris removed promptly.
  5. Rubbish, trash and garbage should be disposed of in sealed plastic bags or placed in proper receptacles or in proper condition for collection and should be removed from the property on a weekly basis. Garbage containers should be kept from sight, either inside or outside with proper screening, except on collection days.
  6. No signs, advertising posters or billboards of any kind should be erected, placed, or permitted to remain on any property, except for standard security signs, professionally lettered “For Rent” or “For Sale” signs, garage sale signs, election signs and temporary trade signs. Garage sale signs should include the address and date of the sale and should be removed at the end of the last day of the sale. Cobb County regulations regarding all signs must be obeyed.
  7. No towers or similar structures supporting antennas that extend more than eight feet above the roof of the house should be erected.

  8. All Cobb County regulations, including zoning, applicable to these properties should be observed. In the event of a conflict between any restrictions in those regulations and the restrictions set forth in these standards, the more restrictive provisions apply.

  9. Drainage should not be obstructed nor be diverted from drainage swales, storm sewers and/or utility easements.

  10. No resident should use or allow the use of the property in any manner which creates disturbing noises between the hours of 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM that will unreasonably interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of others.

  11. The property should not be used for keeping or breeding livestock animals, including potbellied pigs, or poultry of any kind. Household pets may be kept providing they are not kept for breeding or maintained for commercial purposes. In accordance with Cobb County regulations, pets should be kept on a leash and be under the physical control of a responsible person at all times while outdoors. Feces left anywhere other than the property occupied by the owner of the pet should be removed immediately by the owner of the pet or person responsible for the pet.

  12. An obviously inoperable vehicle or one that does not have a current license tag should not be kept or stored on the property unless entirely within an enclosed garage or solid fencing.

  13. Automobiles or other vehicles should not be parked on the grass or landscaped area of the property. No house trailer, mobile home, camper or other habitable motor vehicle of any kind, school bus, motorcycle, truck or commercial vehicle over one ton capacity, trailer, boat or boat trailer should be kept stored on the property unless entirely within an enclosed garage or behind tasteful screening.

  14. Recreational and playground equipment, except for basketball backboards, should be located behind the residence, whenever possible, so as to not be visible from the street.

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