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Reflections of 2021

01/26/2022 8:57 AM | Swati Gore (Administrator)

Another year has come and gone for our fabulous community, and I’d like to take a moment on behalf of your Indian Hills Civic Association Board of Directors to reflect on what a great year it’s been. At the start of 2021, we were all beginning to find our groove again after the wild ride 2020 took us on. We managed to get back into the swing of our annual events, while making the necessary adjustments to accommodate for our safety and well-being, and each one of you really stepped up to the plate to make that shift seamless. I am so very proud of the way we all came together - not only within our community, but to help those outside of it too

The donations at both the food and school supply drives this year were over the top. What started as a barrel full of food exploded into multiple barrels and multiple stops to our local adopted school. What a GREAT problem to have. At the peak of summer, we saw more participants than ever before making their way down the street for the Fourth of July Parade. I can’t begin to tell you how tickled I was to see just how many of you had put your whole heart and soul into decorating your bikes, golf carts, scooters, and strollers. Finally, to end the year with another incredible Festival of Lights was really the cherry on top.

I believe that this year we truly all found our best side. When there was a call to serve, we served. When others needed support, we supported. And when it was time to celebrate – boy, did we celebrate! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this year one that I will never forget. I know our entire wonderful Board of Directors feels the same. We are lucky to serve this community and we look forward to the chance to serve you again in the coming year.

Page Morgan,
Community Affairs Director

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