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Keeping Indian Hills “A Great Place to Live!”

12/02/2021 9:40 AM | Swati Gore (Administrator)


When my wife, Sara, and I moved to Indian Hills four years ago, we saw beautiful houses, manicured lawns and award-winning schools and assumed it was a great place to live. Little did we know, it was the actual slogan for the neighborhood!

When making the decision to take on the role as President of the Association, I had to consider both the time commitment and what my goals as President would be. I looked at the makeup of my fellow board members and knew that it consisted of so many wonderful people that care so much about this community. You would never know there were issues with streetlights and roads, thanks to Steve Mead. As I drive into the neighborhood and see the beautiful flowers that rotate with the seasons, you can rest assured that Ron Andrews has picked the perfect companies to work with for all the landscaping needs (and he has kept it under budget)! Family participation in the association is growing thanks the efforts of the Membership Director, Bonny Carr, and the processes put in place by her predecessor, Susan Fanning. I am encouraged by my conversations with Curtis Kimball, Treasurer, that he will continue the meticulous commitment to the financials that both Shirley Taylor and Hank Windhorst did before him. If you have ever attended a 4th of July celebration, dumpster drive or a back-to-school Ice Cream Social, you know there is no one better to handle Community Affairs than Page Morgan. If you are new to our community, I have no doubt that you have met one of the smiling faces of our area directors: Theresa Collins, Markku Willgren, Joyce Shetler and Beth Gannon. If you are reading this now, you know that Jen Collier has compiled, coordinated, edited and placed all the fun and relevant content needed to keep you all informed as Communications Director. I am thankful for Karen Neely, who will document our meetings, coordinate with the county club for in-person monthly and Annual meetings, and try to keep us straight in our meetings. With all these wonderful people around me, and with access to previous Presidents Lauren Brockman and Harold Itkin, I figure all I have to do is concentrate on the one goal that I came up with, which is to keep Indian Hills “A Great Place to Live!”

If you need me for anything, I can usually be found at Fullers Park, where Thomas (10) plays 4th grade Walton Junior Football, and Trenton (7) plays Pinto baseball. Dawson (3) wants to play soccer, but since they do not play soccer at Fullers, I’ll quote Randy Jackson and say, “that’s gonna be a no from me, Dawg!” You can also reach me via email at or on my cell at 352-727-1038.

Kris Killough, IHCA President

Call us:

(352) 727-1038, or 
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