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Thank You!

10/26/2021 9:22 AM | Swati Gore (Administrator)

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your president.  It has been an honor as well as a growth experience.   I have met some new folks and made new friends in the process.  A special thanks to the other members of the Board for their cooperation and hard work.  I have learned much from them.  There is a real spirit of collaboration to do the best for our community on your board.  All this and some good times too.

We We are weathering the storm of COVID very well as a community.  Hopefully we will all continue to be careful and considerate.  Let's not quit "before the miracle." 

Please support your board and your community and consider serving on the Board of Indian Hills Civic Association in the future.  We are always looking for folks who want to contribute and there is plenty to do

Stay safe and stay healthy and once again thank you for allowing me to serve.

Harold Itkin, IHCA President

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(770) 509-7060, or 
Email: harolditkin(at)

P.O. Box 681283
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