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Things are looking positive

04/29/2021 11:37 AM | Swati Gore (Administrator)

My smile is returning and laughter is more frequent. A lot of projects – big and small – have happened at our house and I suspect throughout the community. A new coat of paint is now on the exterior and interior of our house. New shutters and blinds are on the way. Things are looking more positive these days. We still should not forget that although the vaccination rate is accelerating and deaths are decelerating we are still in the midst of a serious pandemic.

Hope everyone enjoys the Indian Hills Community Yard Sale later this month. And the best way to enjoy it is to observe the CDC guidelines for safety. Please wear masks and practice social distancing. Be considerate of your fellow consumers and respect their “space”

Let us continue to make Indian Hills THE great place to live. Ask yourself what you can do to improve our community. Be a contributor to the Indian Hills spirit and help your friends and neighbors be part of it also. If you have a neighbor who is not a member, please share with them why you are a member. A community is about fellowship and participation so encourage everyone to come onboard and be part of our community.

Please let me or any board member know if you would like to be a member of our board. We are always looking for folks to join the fun. My term as President is up in October of this year so we will need a new leader. Who knows? You could be President soon.

Be safe. Be considerate. Be happy

Harold Itkin, IHCA President

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