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06/13/2019 9:00 AM | Anonymous

Indian Hills, A Great Place to Live - the motto of the Civic Association of Indian Hills Country Club Estates. This author does not know when or who first coined this phrase but does know that it speaks volumes about our Community and the people who lived here in the early seventies and those of us who continue to live here in the first decade of the 21st century.

In the late 1960s, the Indian Hills Development was the vision of local Atlanta developer, Tom Cousins. The size and scope were greater than many small cities in rural Georgia. The vision/dream became a reality and Indian Hills, when completed, was reported to be the largest development East of the Mississippi River. We have no mayor, police force or elected officials, but we do have an organization that oversees our monthly/yearly operations and insures the welfare of our Community. That organization is the Indian Hills Civic Association and is manned by an all-volunteer army of approximately two hundred residents. These are and were dedicated people, who came from many different areas of the country, and they helped make Indian Hills the great place it is today.

Of course, there is always a story behind the development of a community and the other segments relate the Community, Club and Land History. 

However, this segment reports the Civic Association’s past, present and hopeful outlook for the future.

The year of 1972 was significant for Indian Hills as the development continued to rapidly expand with new homes, new families and some growth problems. In March, several concerned residents met to dis-cuss the problems. Indian Hills was facing crowded schools with trailers for classrooms, a sewer line running along Sope Creek through the middle of the development, and various issues with Indian Hills Country Club. This meeting was the origin of our Civic Association.

In May, after the initial meeting a Communications Network was established by Al Schmierer. Virginia Witt was delegated as temporary Chairman. The Network Committees were: Newsletter, Newcomer, Directory and Precincts. Al used the military system to setup the “Chain of Command” for the system we still use today. The Association was formally organized in June of 1972, with Bob Bowman as the first

President and Al Schmierer, as head of the Communications Committee.

In July of this same year, the first newsletter was published. Vorry Brand served as Editor and Marion Kelly served as Assistant Editor. In October, the first Indian Hills Directory of Residents was published and given to all residents free of charge. The annual dues were ten dollars and one hundred thirty-nine residents joined the Association. The development was planned in stages, with phase I, II, III, etc., each containing one hundred lots. The Newcomer Committee had a big job with the constant influx of new residents.

The Association sponsored many town hall meetings, candidates’ night and held an annual General Meeting. In the early years, the meetings were held in the auditoriums of East Side Elementary School and/or Dodgen Middle School. Ernest Barrett, Chairman of the Cobb County Commission in the mid-seventies was an early speaker and many others after him up to the current Commissioner, Sam Olens.

At present, the Community consists of approximately sixteen hundred fifty plus houses and the majority of residents belong to the Civic Association. The As- sociation provides for maintenance of our common areas (planting, mowing and flowers), random security patrols and the above mention publications, all for the reasonable annual dues of ninety-five dollars.

There are sixteen dedicated residents who serve on the Board of the Civic Association and give freely of their time. They serve as Officers, head up the Key Committees and act as Area Directors. There are nineteen Precinct Captains and one hundred fifty-two Block Captains who distribute our monthly Smoke Signals and our annual Directory. These volunteers care about their community, the residents, and their property values. They give unselfishly of their time and energy for the benefit of all.

The Residents owe a big debt of gratitude to those who have served on their behalf in the past and to those who serve today. As we approach forty years as a Community this is the reason Indian Hills is -

A Great Place to Live.

Indian Hills Future            - Rosie Griffin

As the presiding President of the Indian Hills Civic Association, I recently had the distinct privilege of meeting some of the past presidents. Numerous men and women have served on our board since 1972 and provided great leadership and direction for our community. Now that you have had the opportunity to see some of the history and growth in our com- munity through the additional historical supplements provided each month, one thing is very clear; Indian Hills is a great place to live.

My vision of Indian Hills subdivision is very optimistic in this economic downturn. We still are one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in since we are positioned right in the middle of the Perimeter business center as well as the Cumberland business center and close to I75. We couldn’t be in a better location. We have a very diverse community of individuals; young, old, black, white, Asian, and Hispanic. We are a melting pot of people who keep this community interesting. Our history in future years will depend on how these individuals get involved in our community, what they bring to the table and what price they are willing to pay to ensure that we do not allow the community to deteriorate. Indian Hills has a legacy and a good one. We must continue to make it one of the best places to live in Cobb County.

Indian Hills Civic Association Past Presidents

 1972-73  Bob Bowman    1990-91  Mike Patellis
 1973-74 Robert Creekmore   1991-92 Mike Patellis


  1992-93 Mike Patellis


Ethered e
  1993-94 Charlie Lester
1976-77 Mark Klein   1994-95 Charlie Lester
1977-78 Geor e Bartelme   1995-96  
 1978-79 Ray Rin ler   1996-97  
1979-80 Wayne Bradford   1997-98 Ro er Phelps
1980-81 Walt Kutch   1998-99 Ro er Phelps
1981-82     1999-00 Mike Patellis
1982-83     2000-01 Mike Patellis
1983-84 Bob Bowmaster   2001-02 Martha Gray
1984-85 Jack Salyards   2002-03 Martha Gray
1985-86 Frank Dillon   2003-04 Sue Groszkiewicz
1986-87 Jack Salyards   2004-05 Sue Groszkiewicz
1987-88 Jack Salyards   2005-06 Sue Groszkiewicz
1988-89 John Kost   2006-07 Sue Groszkiewicz
1989-90 Bill Head   2007-08 Rosie Griffin

    2008-09 Rosie Griffin

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