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Cobb County Information and Resources 

Water lines, new construction, and fallen trees, oh my! There seems to be a lot going on in our part of the county these days. Whether you need information on road closures or the current status of construction projects, you need to know where to turn. Here are some resources to help you navigate through the gridlock to what you’re looking for.


District 2 Commissioner Bob Ott (email): - this is the website for our district/Bob Ott. This page will also allow you a place to enter in your email address to receive newsletters from Mr. Ott customized with information tailored to your interests. (or the Nextdoor app on your Smart device) – this is an app that asks you to put in your home address. It will then group you with the residents of nearby neighborhood(s) based on your street. This is helpful for location-based alerts, questions, sale items, comments, etc from people who live very close to you. You can customize the app to your needs. It’s also helpful for police information (see next point).

PENS Dispatch from Cobb County Police: Safety alerts and crime trends brought to you by your local Cobb County Police Precinct. This information is sent out monthly by the precinct via, and is an innovative way for our police officers to keep us posted, ask us for pertinent information, and warn us about issues that are important to our immediate area.

Indian Hills Facebook page

Welcome to the Indian Hills Facebook groups! There are two Facebook pages dedicated to our wonderful neighborhood…neighbors helping neighbors, since that is what makes this such a Great Place to Live! Lost dogs, coyote sightings, emergency communication, these are your neighborhood spaces. For general conversations and comments, please join https://www. For official communication from your Indian Hills Civic Association Board, please join https://www.facebook. com/IndianHillsAGreatPlaceToLive.

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